Our Reviews

“John Howard is a man of massive integrity. There’s not many like him.”
San Diego Union-Tribune, November 16, 2004
(Principal, Not Politics Motivates Man Behind Election Challenge)

“John Howard is a hero to ranchers and loggers in Otero County, New Mexico.”
New York Times, April 8, 1995
(Bold Plan Seeks To Wrest Control of Federal Lands)

“John Howard brandished the First Amendment as if it were Excalibur…[He] takes particular pleasure in battling politically correct administrators who cut down the free expression rights of students and professors.”
The Washington Post, January 1, 1994
(Nat Hentoff, “Sweet Land of Liberty”)

“Howard acted decisively…Even outside California, Howard’s efforts can produce similar results.”
Investor’s Business Daily, May 16, 1994
(Taming Political Correctness)

“So Phi Kappa Sigma got a lawyer…John Howard…The victory is perhaps the most dramatic to date in a slew of recent successful challenges to campus speech codes…”
Wall Street Journal, December 22, 1993
(Campus Speech Codes Are Being Shot Down)

“The pro bono lawyer leading the cause, John Howard, has 14 such cases pending…Once the university and its attorneys learned that the fraternity intended to make its case on constitutional grounds, the school signaled it wanted to settle.”
Insight, January 24, 1994
(Campus Speech Wars)

California State University Northridge suspended Zeta Beta Tau. “Enter Mr. Howard, San Diego attorney, constitutional law expert and self-described “First Amendment vigilante”. Working with the fraternity’s attorney, he filed a lawsuit against the university….It worked. How important was Howard’s decision to sue? ‘Let’s just say it got our attention.’ said CSUN attorney Jessica Frazier.’…To fraternity members, College Republicans, libertarians and First Amendment purists, John Howard is a knight in shining armor.”
“The Washington Times, March 29, 1993
(Free-speech “vigilante” nemesis of campus PC)