Our Clients

The following is a list of representative corporate clients.

Abbott Construction, Inc.
Ace Parking, Inc.
The Active Network, Inc.
Alturdyne, Inc.
Burlingame Capital, LLC.
California Investment Counsel, Inc.
China Silk Wines, Inc.
Circle Bar N Ranch, Inc.
CNG International, Inc.
Congregate Care Centers of America, Inc.
Gaslamp Properties, Inc.
Global Analytics, Inc.
Guttman Real Estate, Inc.
Hat Ranch, Inc.
Holocom Technologies, Inc.
John Burnham Insurance Services, Inc.
Keating Hotel, LLC
Keating Management, Inc.
Matcom Mining, Inc.
Multicell Technologies, Inc.
National City Transit
Newstar Technologies, Inc.
North County Transportation, Inc.
Power Partners International, Inc.
S2M America, Inc.
S2M, Group, Ltd.
San Diego Jeweler’s Exchange, Inc.
Scripps Ventures, Inc.
Sector 9, Inc. (Now a division Billabong)
SYS Technologies, Inc.
UnionBanc Insurance Services, Inc.
Unique Stone Imports, Inc.
Western Nevada Supply, Inc.
Whitehall Financial Services, Inc.
United Technologies, Inc.