Our Firm

Founded in 1979, JW Howard/Attorneys is a boutique business litigation law firm offering a broad range of legal services to businesses in all industries. Originally known for its success in corporate litigation, JW Howard attorneys provide a steady hand to corporations that find themselves in business disputes. What separates us from other firms is the business perspective we bring to litigation. As house counsel to some of San Diego’s largest companies, we know business concerns from the inside.

Conference RoomLitigation is expensive. It drains resources, consumes management and employee time and unsettles decision-making. Skillful advice in advance can avoid expensive problems down the road. When litigation cannot be avoided, we are there to win. And win we do. Our track record of trial success for corporate clients is unsurpassed. But our greatest satisfaction comes from suggesting and implementing strategies that will prevent disputes from arising. As former in-house lawyers, we know the value of putting in place the tools that position a company to avoid disputes; retain the upper hand in resolving them when they arise and assure success in trial when litigation cannot be avoided.

What sets us apart from other litigators is our comprehensive knowledge of corporate law gathered over years as both inside and outside counsel to major corporations. We know the concerns of businessmen. We have been businessmen. We have been on the inside. And we have seen the results of bad advice from outside lawyers that have led companies to suffocating legal bills and crushing defeat at trial.

We understand corporate governance because we oversee and implement corporate governance policies. We know corporate transactions because we do corporate transactions. From business formations to contract negotiation to the documentation of all manner of corporate and real estate transactions, JW Howard/Attorneys can offer the representation and advice you need. We bring our broad knowledge of corporate law to bear in the dispute resolution process, providing our clients with an advantage over opponents who merely litigate disputes.

We know the challenges businessmen face on a daily basis. We have hired and managed the largest law firms in the world. We know the challenge of keeping cost down and quality up. We have been there. We also know that many law firms care about their own bottom line more than they do yours. At JW Howard/Attorneys, your bottom line is the bottom line and it is our job to preserve it.

Let us be your “house counsel”.