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ABC interviews John W. Howard on COVID vaccine lawsuits

American freedom is under assault as never before in its history.
Powerful forces and government itself are attempting to implement personal mandates forcing individuals to become injected with what are still experimental substances that are not "vaccines", as that term has been defined by the Centers For Disease Control for decades. These are unproven treatments that do not stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus and have limited utility, as is being demonstrated on a daily basis as more an more vaccinated people become infected with the virus.

At the same time, government at all levels, in collaboration with large private companies, has implemented a plan of data gathering that represents the greatest compromise of individual privacy in history. At this point, hundreds of millions of people have seen their most private information made available through blockchain technology so that, for them, virtually nothing about them is now secret.

JW Howard/Attorneys, in partnership with various charitable agencies and law firms, including the Davillier Law Group, has implemented a number of lawsuits seeking to protect the privacy of their clients and the freedom of all Americans.

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