Welcome to the newly established JW Howard Attorney's office located in the prestigious Corporate Center Building at 201 South Lake in Pasadena, CA. This modern and sleek office space embodies professionalism and sophistication, reflecting the esteemed reputation of our firm.

As you step inside, you are greeted by a tastefully designed reception area featuring sleek furniture, contemporary artwork, and a friendly receptionist ready to assist you. Spacious conference rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, offer an ideal setting for clients to meet with the highly skilled attorneys at JW Howard.

Partner Scott Street heads our Pasadena office. A highly skilled and respected litigator, Mr. Street combines deep scholarship with piercing writing and tremendous trial skills. His office reflects that with a blend of professionalism and a touch of personal flair, showcasing his passion for classic literature and art.

Mitchell Stein is a highly accomplished civil litigator and alumnus of major national law firms whose reputation in the greater Los Angeles legal community is reflected in his election by his peers as president of the Century City Bar Association. His forty year career has been a testament to critical strategic skills and highly concentrated legal analysis and trial presentation.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a renowned legal expert known for his unwavering dedication to environmental advocacy and constitutional law. He is a nationally recognized expert in environmental law having taught it for decades at a highly rated law school. And his court victories against polluters and in protection of waterways and rivers set the standard for environmental litigation and have returned hundreds of millions of dollars to victims of pollution and to the public.

Overall, the JW Howard Attorney's office at the Corporate Center Building in Pasadena stands as a testament to the firm's commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. With a team of highly accomplished attorneys like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Scott Street, and Mitchell Stein, this office is poised to provide top-tier legal services in a sophisticated and professional environment.

With the addition of lawyers of such superlative talent, our firm has established an important presence in the City of Pasadena and the greater Los Angeles area,” said John Howard, founding partner. “We could not be more honored that lawyers of their quality and depth have joined our growing firm.”

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We are trial lawyers. It is our object to win and we do.


Federalism is the bedrock of American freedom.

Constitutional Law

The Charter of Freedom. The beating heart of American justice.

Corporate Transactions

Expert advice in negotiating and skill in drafting documents is critical to success

Preventative Law

The most successful lawsuits are often those that are never filed.

Eminent Domain

The government has the power to forcibly take private property for a public use.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is among the most neglected aspects of corporate management but it is among the most important.

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John W Howard - Founder

John Howard

Business & Constitutional Trial Lawyer

Pasadena Office

Scott Street

Corporate & Business Trial Lawyer

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Constitutional and Environmental Litigator

Mitchell B. Stein

Business and Real Estate Litigator

San Diego Office

Michelle Volk

Business & Civil Lawyer

Scott Street

Corporate & Business Trial Lawyer

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Constitutional and Environmental Litigator


Free-speech "vigilante" nemesis of campus PC

"The Washington Times, March 29, 1993
California State University Northridge suspended Zeta Beta Tau. "Enter Mr. Howard, San Diego attorney, constitutional law expert and self-described "First Amendment vigilante". Working with the fraternity’s attorney, he filed a lawsuit against the university....It worked. How important was Howard’s decision to sue? ‘Let’s just say it got our attention.’ said CSUN attorney Jessica Frazier.’...To fraternity members, College Republicans, libertarians and First Amendment purists, John Howard is a knight in shining armor."