Corporate Governance

Many companies are so busy running their businesses that they do not take the time to ensure that they are in compliance with corporate legal obligations.  But compliance is among the best ways to insulate companies from exposure to claims.

We review and update corporate records, minutes, reports and procedures to ensure they are current and strong enough to offer the protection for which they were created.  We ensure that all meetings have been adequately noticed.  We review bylaws to assist corporate management in making certain the company is operated in compliance with corporate rules.

We consultation while decisions are being made so we can assist in structuring corporate activity so that corporate structure is kept sound and protective.  Often, a short phone call can provide advice that will protect a company from years of expensive litigation.  We know that it is less expensive to keep our clients out of trouble than to get them out of trouble.

Proper corporate governance is the key to corporate safety.

We prepare buy-sell agreements among shareholders to provide for the orderly transfer of interests and a ready market in the event a shareholder wishes to leave the company.  We advise shareholders and management on the advisability of non-compete and non-disclosure agreements for departing management, directors and employees.

Employee relations and claims for compensation are among a company’s biggest challenges.  It is important that management be guided to compliance with the comprehensive state employment regulatory scheme and to have systems in place to address employment issues.  JW Howard attorneys assist in organizing employee benefit documentation, including bonus options, employment agreements and employee manuals.  We can assist in the development of employee stock option plans and advise on COBRA requirements for departing employees.

We assist our clients in protecting their intellectual property rights in coordinating copyright, trademark and patent protection.

We work closely with board and management to ensure corporate compliance and the maintenance of protective systems to keep it current going forward.

Corporate governance is among the most neglected aspects of corporate management but it is among the most important.

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