Corporate Transactions

Companies need the very best guidance in the structuring not only of their businesses but also of their various business transactions.  Their first major decision is what form of business entity to take.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each business form.  Corporations, for example, take several forms and the form you choose can either save or cost you an enormous amount of money in tax.  Getting expert advice before making that decision is critical.

corp-transJW Howard attorneys have formed hundreds of corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs).  Each has its unique features and each its strengths and weaknesses.  It is important to understand them when establishing your business.

We form corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships and LLCs.  We draft the agreements, articles of incorporation and other formational documents and get the entities licensed in the appropriate states.  We have an extensive knowledge of California, Nevada and Delaware corporate law and tailor LLC operating agreements and corporate bylaws to ensure a smoothly operating company.  We prepare shareholder buy-sell agreements and the non-competition agreements necessary to protect your company from the misappropriation of the fruits of your experience.

JW Howard has negotiated and prepared the documents for mergers, purchases and joint venture agreements.  We review and prepare leases, financing agreements, key-man contracts and such independent contractor agreements as may be used for outside professionals and manufacturer’s representatives.

We provide counsel and documents for the protection of intellectual property rights.  We prepare licensing agreements as well as documents of transfer for registered trademarks, patents and copyrights.  We also prepare non-disclosure, non-circumvent and confidentiality agreements to ensure that those exposed to valuable trade secrets do not have the ability to misappropriate important trade secrets.

We negotiate all manner of contracts for business and commercial transactions.  We have negotiated and prepared documents for everything from the purchase of a $15,000,000 exclusive retirement center to a $40,000,000 stock purchase in a Dubai based telecommunications company.

JW Howard attorneys excel at contract preparation, negotiation and review.  Our background in major litigation provides us the tools with which to fold in protective provisions that insulate our clients from claims and minimize their exposure to lawsuits.

We prepare documents for major financing for mezzanine lenders and enforce them when necessary.

Most importantly, we are there with advice when it is needed. We have successfully guided dozens of companies through their greatest and most complex transactions and helped them avoid the pitfalls less experienced lawyers will miss.

Companies can rise and fall on the quality of the documentation of their various transactions.  At JW Howard, we have the deep corporate experience from the inside to help you through your most important transactions.